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About our Facebook Group

About our Facebook Group

The Geldswood Hills community wants to have a positive impact on the residents in the area and to give more than we take.

It is about community involvement and community spirit. We all call this place home, so as a community we prefer to see us helping each other out. We may not ever meet in person, but that is not a reason to avoid being a helpful, kind, and generous individual looking out for those fellow community members we all share a home with.

Home is not just a building, it is the local community. So together let us build a community we can enjoy, love and share.

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Our Contributors

  1. Christine Palmer – Content Contribution //  https://www.sydneysouthwestuniting.org.au/
  2. Anston Ratnayake Content Contribution //  https://www.linkedin.com/in/anston-ratnayake-ba506617/
  3. Andrew Glyntzos – Web Guy // https://omegadigital.com.au

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